May 10-13 2012, Luxembourg 12th IOS World Congress

Join your colleagues in contributing to the development of nursing science, particularly the science of self-care, at the 12th World Congress of the International Orem Society. The congress will leave ample room for exchange on international research and scientific analysis on the characteristics, developments and trends in the supply and demand for formal and informal care. We expect around 400-500 delegates from all over the world with the majority coming from Europe.

All presentation files are available here
luxembourg map
Luxembourg Kathie Renpenning
President, International Orem Society for Nursing Science and Scholarship
Message from the President
Building the theoretical basis of nursing is an important contribution that nurses can make to the development of health related policy and programs.
Luxembourg Mars Di Bartolomeo
Minister of Health,
Minister of Social Security
In the European Year of active ageing, Luxembourg welcomes that the IOS, at its 12th World Congress, is bringing the transformation of health and long-term care in our ageing societies to the centre of attention.